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2012 in tweets

I’ve been pondering how to write my review of 2012 for a while and inspiration has not been my friend on this one - until I saw this week’s listicle topic on NorthWest Mommy’s website!

2012 in 10 tweets - make that 12, one for each month and I’m in!


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Twelve Days before Christmas

On the 12th day before Christmas my boss gave to me - so much work that I could not tweet.

On the 11th day before Christmas my daughter showed to me - a Justin Bieber video and now I can’t see.

On the 10th day before Christmas my son puked on me - now I’m wearing Eau de Puke which is just love-ly.

On the 9th day before Christmas my husband said to me - I’ll be pantsless all weekend, do you wanna see?

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We are a pretty predictable family.

Every Saturday morning we sit down and do our meal plan for the whole week, then we write the shopping list and then my husband goes shopping and I clean the house.

We used to go shopping together and then we’d clean the house after, but since we’re not only predictable but also smart we decided on a new routine to save some time.

So - when we used to go shopping together the list looked like this:

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